1st - 6th grade Boys & Girls meet at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.

What is Pioneer Clubs?

Exciting new experiences and activities await children each week.  They will learn a lot about God, the Bible, and themselves.  They will have fun playing games, doing skits, trying out new skills, learning about God through Bible Explorations, and challenging themselves with Bible Memory work.

Pioneer Club is divided into three seperate groups:

The curriculum is geared for your child's grade-level.  This includes fun activities and special events such as community service projects, campouts, museum trips and award ceremonies.

Pioneer Club Goals

  1. To enable children to enter into a personal relationship with Christ and to know His Word.
  2. To enable children to form healthy relationships.
  3. To enable children to grow as whole persons.
  4. To enable adults to understand children and help them develop.

Cost to Join:

Pioneer Club enrollment including uniform is a one-time $40.00 fee per group. (Sponsorships may be available.)  Weekly shares of .50¢ help with operational costs.  Your son or daughter may still participate in classes and activities without being enrolled in the program.  See Pastor Crystal for more information.

Plan To Visit . . .

Just as Jesus in Mark 10:14 said "come", we do too.
We will pray for, treasure, and nurture your child.

Excerpted from Pioneer Club Handbooks. ©2012 Pioneer Clubs®.
Permission given by J. McCroy on 5/13/2013 for Pioneer Club's use in the local church.